You may have heard the saying, "Ain't mama happy, ain't nobody happy." I see the opposite being just as true. I was first drawn to aromatherapy for my anxiety-ridden dog's constant barking, which was affecting me and our entire family. I then found other ways that aromatherapy could help my family, from creating a personal diffuser to help my son transition to a new school in the first grade, to formulating a soothing blend for my husband's coughs and colds, to supporting my own mental health. As an ex-workaholic translator, I was constantly burning the candle at both ends and experienced first-hand the devastating toll that stress can take on one's physical health.

I decided to seek professional training in aromatherapy once I saw its potential. I am now a qualified aromatherapist with a passion for using aromatherapy to support the physical and emotional health of women and their family at all ages and stages of life. When used responsibly, aromatherapy is a safe and gentle yet powerful alternative and complementary therapy that uses essential oils and other aromatic plant extracts to promote overall well-being.  I founded Santéssence in 2016 to offer aromatherapy consultations, education, custom blends, and professionally formulated aromatherapy products with high-quality essential oils and aromatic products. Where possible, Santéssence products are sustainably packaged in recycled glass and other containers.

In mid-2023, I started a certification course in foot reflexology and look forward to combining this relaxing and supportive modality with aromatherapy.

I would love to explore with you the ways to incorporate aromatherapy into your home and life, and make mama happy.

-Shannon Bachorick, RA®, EOT®, CAHP®